VYON is associated with over 30 years of experience of guiding international research studies in over 80 countries. Born from a company of experienced, research-literate, industry-specific, multi-lingual specialists in market research, VYON is the frank, fun and friendly new face of opinion research.

Voice Your Opinion Now is part of EFG New York which is the U.S. sales and coordination office of Paris-based EFG Worldwide, a European leader in international Data Collection.

EFG’s parent company MV2 Group was founded in Paris in 1975 and has since become one of the top 25 global full-service Market Research organizations. In 1995, EFG (European Fieldwork Group) was created to conduct qualitative and quantitative fieldwork in Europe, Asia, and South America, for other global market research firms.

EFG New York opened in 2001 and is exclusively dedicated to the management of international fieldwork on behalf of North American Market Research, Consulting, and Advertising firms. EFG New York’s services include:

Qualitative and Quantitative Fieldwork (recruitment, data collection) worldwide.

International Fieldwork Coordination.

Quick RFP turnaround, 24-48 hours.

EFG Worldwide now offers a vast network of in-house capabilities and strategic partners spanning 88 countries, with 2 to 3 offices per country specialized by vertical (Medical, High-Tech, Finance, etc.). All of our fieldwork capabilities and processes are ISO 9001 certified.

EFG Worldwide offers:

A specific know-how based on over 30 years of experience conducting international research studies.

Optimal responsiveness at every step of the process.

Streamlined procedures and comprehensive fieldwork security worldwide through:

Centralization: a single point-of-contact for all international fieldwork, Industry-specific and native-speaker interviewers in every country, Quality Assurance for reliable data collection,
Cutting-Edge technology to support both Quantitative and Qualitative Fieldwork, ISO 9001 certification of all processes.

EFG Worldwide is your one-stop shop partner for fieldwork worldwide!